CI-WATER: PhD Research Opportunity in Civil & Environmental Engineering


We are seeking highly motivated and well prepared students to assist us in completing research associated with an NSF grant to develop Cyberinfrastructure for the Advancement of High Performance Water Resource Modeling (CI-Water). Specifically the project seeks to:

  1. Enhance Cyberinfrastructure Facilities
  2. Enhance Access to Data and Computationally-Intensive Modeling
  3. Enable High-Resolution Multi-Physics Modeling
  4. Enhance STEM Learning and Water Science Engagement

Activities involved in developing the proposed cyberinfrastructure include

  • Host regional-scale, surface and ground water models
  • Efficiently access and use massive data sets
  • Build web-based model interfaces to leverage existing NSF cyber-infrastructure research
  • Integrate hydrologic data, models, and results visualization
  • Provide data and model output to decision makers
  • Harness cloud, distributed, and traditional supercomputing resources

Successful applicants will possess

  • An enthusiasm for water resources
  • Background in water resources modeling
  • Strong computer programming skills
  • Creative and Innovative thinking skills
  • Understanding of computer databases and networks
  • Be available and admitted by Fall Semester 2012

Interested candidates should contact:

Dr. Norm Jones, 801 422-7569 or
Dr. Jim Nelson, 801 422-7632

This research is fully funded through a grant already received from NSF.  The work will also be done in cooperation with researchers from Utah State University, University of Utah, and University of Wyoming

Wyoming website on CI-WATER project: